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Whether you’re getting your first look at Southern States Cooperative, or you grew up as one of their valued patrons, you probably already know that they’re one of the nation’s largest farmer-owned cooperatives.

Since 1923, Southern States has been providing expert products, services and advice to people who like to get their hands dirty. Whether you’re running a small hobby farm or a larger farm, tending your garden or trying to keep your yard looking green and lush, they’ll give you the tools and know-how you need to get the job done right. Southern States does what no single farmer can. Because it pools members’ resources, the co-op enables all of its farmer-members to benefit from greater research capabilities. That makes a difference for everyone – reducing the costs of production agriculture helps keep America’s food supply plentiful and affordable for all.

As a result of its leadership role in agriculture, Southern States has continued to expand and today encompasses some 1,200 retail locations in 19 states. Owned by more than 200,000 farmers, the cooperative purchases, manufactures or processes feed, seed, fertilizer, farm supplies and fuel. As one of the nation’s largest farmer-owned cooperatives, Southern States offers only the finest in goods and services. Their expertise is based on over 90 years of experience and research, driven by the desire to ensure that everyone has access to the best in feed, seed, fertilizer and farm supplies.

CFC FARM & HOME CENTERS Headquartered in Culpeper, VA

In October of 2007 Culpeper Farmers’ Cooperative Inc. celebrated its 75th anniversary. Culpeper Farmers’ Cooperative, Inc. has had only five presidents and six general managers in its over 75 years of operation. At the end of 2007, total retail sales from all locations were over 32 million dollars. In the spring of 2005, the retail stores rolled out a new logo and the names were changed to CFC Farm & Home Centers. The original orange, green and white Co-op diamond logo was incorporated into a rectangular logo that consisting of a stylized diamond on a section of fence. This was done to help consolidate all retail locations in the mind of the consumer and to encourage people who where not farmers or members to shop our stores. A 75th anniversary logo was created and used from June through December of 2007.

The Co-op was organized in 1932 as the Cooperative Farm Bureau in a rented building on Wausau Street with a total of 205 members paying dues of $1,230. In addition to the dues from members, the Co-op began operation by borrowing $10,000 at 6% interest. Total sales at the end of the first year of operation were $84,435 (fourteen-month period from 10/32 to 12/33). The business was moved to the present location in 1960 after a fire in 1959 at the Wausau Street (presently County Farm Service) facility. A fertilizer plant and feed mill are included in the Culpeper facilities. The present feed mill was constructed in 1976, expanding the capacity of the original mill which started operations in the early 1960’s. A retail store remodeling and expansion was completed in the fall of 2006. Between 1940 and 2007, the Co-op opened six new locations; Morrisville in 1940, Rappahannock in 1952, Warrenton in 1958, Marshall in 1979, Maurertown in 1984 and Caroline in 2007.

AUGUSTA COOP FARM BUREAU Headquartered in Staunton, VA

Augusta Cooperative Farm Bureau, Inc. was formed in 1929 at Weyers Cave, Virginia by local farmers who were looking for a way to buy products and supplies at more competitive prices. In 1931, the co-op expanded to Staunton, Virginia. That location now serves as the main office for Augusta Co-Op. Over the years, Augusta Co-Op has grown by adding other branch store locations throughout Virginia. A feed mill and a bulk fertilizer blending facility are also located at Staunton. These manufacturing facilities provide products for all Augusta Co-Op locations.

Currently, Augusta Co-Op is managed by General Manager, Kevin McLaren. The General Manager oversees the operation of the cooperative with assistance from other department managers. The management staff is located at the main offices in Staunton. Augusta Co-Op’s primary service area is western and central Virginia. They also service neighboring states.

ROCKINGHAM COOPERATIVE Headquartered in Harrisonburg, VA

Rockingham Cooperative is headquartered in Harrisonburg, Virginia, with sales offices in Harrisonburg, Bridgewater, Elkton, Timberville, Woodstock & Monterey. They are retail farm and consumer products stores with a major presence in Rockingham, Shenandoah and Highland Counties. In November of 2010, Rockingham Cooperative purchased RMC, which includes Rocking R Hardware stores in Harrisonburg and Waynesboro, RAM Plumbing Supply in Harrisonburg and Rockingham Mill in Dayton. Since 1921, Rockingham Cooperative has provided their local communities with high quality goods used in all walks of life.