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Mission Statement

The mission of the Virginia Cooperative Council (VCC) is to promote the understanding of the history, purpose, services and bright future of farmer and consumer-owned cooperative organizations in the Commonwealth and their major contributions to the state economy and its citizens. We invite you to join us on October 3, 2019 for our Co-op Month Breakfast!

2019 Co-op Month Meeting Notice

The not-for-profit Council strives to accomplish our mission primarily through educational programs aimed at the general public and especially at young persons. The Council works closely with the state’s land-grant universities, Virginia Tech and Virginia State, and 4-H and FFA programs in these efforts.

Reasons to join VCC

  • Co-ops exist to meet member needs.
  • Their focus is on service to members.
  • Owned and controlled by members.
  • Help keep resources in the community.
  • Contribute to economic stability.

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