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Join the Virginia Cooperative Council

Whether you’re a cooperative, an association or individual who works with cooperatives and believe they offer a better solution when it comes to doing business, VCC invites you to become part of the greater cooperative community in Virginia.

Membership in the Council means you’re part of an organization whose primary purpose is promoting the cooperative business model  and educating Virginians about cooperatives, especially our youth. As students learn more about Virginia’s cooperatives, they have the potential to become future co-op employees and leaders. Membership in the Council also provides opportunities for co-op managers and employees to share strategies for the cooperative business model and network with other co-op staff.

If you are a cooperative operating in the state of Virginia, dues are based on co-op size with a maximum of $1,750 per year. Associate membership dues are $75 for an organization and $20 for individuals. Please use the 2019 VCC Schedule of Dues to determine the exact amount.

Here is an excerpt from VCC bylaws that addresses membership qualifications:


Section 2: Qualifications of Cooperative Members

“Any incorporated cooperative agricultural marketing, bargaining, purchasing or farm business service association including rural electric cooperatives duly incorporated and operation under the Electric Cooperatives Act of 1936, telephone cooperatives, Farm Credit Associations incorporated under the provisions of the Farm Credit Act, and any other incorporated association serving members which is owned or controlled by those members and transacts business in Virginia on cooperative principles, shall be eligible for Cooperatives Membership in the Council. Any Cooperatives member having separate branch operations in Virginia that desires to include such branches or separate associations may do so by paying dues in accordance with the established schedule on the volume of each such branch, in which event each such branch shall entitled to its own delegates and vote at all meeting of members.”

Section 7: Associate Memberships

“Any individual, general rural/farmers’ organization or other public or semi-public office or agency sympathetic to the success of rural business cooperatives and operating in the State of Virginia may apply for Associate membership in the council by tendering an Application to the Executive Secretary of the council.”

For more information about membership, please contact the Council’s Executive Secretary 

Suggested 2019 Dues

Based on an Honor System

No bills are sent to members, just a reminder to pay their dues following a suggested schedule of assessments.

All Purchasing, Processing and Non-processing Cooperatives

Based on dollar volume with a maximum of $1,750.00

Farm Credit

Assessment $8.85 per million dollars of outstanding loans at the end of their last fiscal year

Maximum $1,750.00

Rural Electric and Rural Telephone Cooperatives

Assessment 2.215 cent per member at end of their last fiscal year.

Minimum $75.00 – Maximum $1,750.00

Artificial Breeding / Associations of Electric Cooperatives / Mutual Fire Insurance Company / Breed and Livestock improvement / All other Associations eligible for Cooperative Membership

Assessment shall be 1.52 cent per member at close of the last fiscal year.

Minimum $75.00 – Maximum $250.00

Associate Membership Dues

$75.00 for an Organization

$20.00 for an Individual